Mini Messenger Cake

Mini Messenger Cake


A sweet and very portable treat! 


Choose my signature vanilla or chocolate cake and any message you wish! 


Sunset colour ways shown.

Choose SeaShades, Neutrals, Mixed Pastels, Bubblegum Shades or send me your themed colour scheme ie Bluey, Penrith Panthers, Super Mario etc- you choose based on pop culture and I will work it in!


Comes with matching sprinkles and frilly piped swiss meringue buttercream.

Generally fitted to 12 inch board/box


Single mini slab (7 inch x 11inch), serves up to 20 squares.



Sometimes it's tricky to match colours perfectly so we like to keep things to a similar shade. This will be taken into consideration when decorations are being chosen, as some deocrations will not work in certain colour shades.


*Cakes will require collection close to cutting time, please be mindful of this when ordering to prevent them from drying out. 



Some products may contain allergens like dairy or nuts.

Please be advised that Savvy Cakes DOES NOT cater to allergies. 

Entire product contains wheat, eggs and dairy.


*All orders are subject to availability

Please note that Savvy is closed on Sundays and collections are not permitted.