Loaded Cake - Small size
  • Loaded Cake - Small size


    Choose any number or letter.

    All letters and numbers are 19cm from top to bottom. 


    Available in our signature vanilla cake or moist chocolate cake. 

    Filled and topped with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and decorated in an assortment of your chosen colour.

    Decorations may include 


    fresh flowers (colour and type subject to availability),

    fresh strawberries,

    Ferreros, foil wrapped chocolates, 

    meringue kisses,

    mini chocolate bars,

    matching sugar cookies

    and fondant decorations.


    Can also be made to match a theme (ie neon party theme pictured)


    Matching sprinkles will also be added. 



    Sometimes it's tricky to match colours perfectly so we like to keep things to a similar shade. This will be taken into consideration when decorations are being chosen, as some deocrations will not work in certain colour shades.


    Cakes will require collection close to cutting time, please be mindful of this when ordering to prevent them from drying out. 


    Some products may contain allergens like dairy or nuts. Please be advised that Savvy Cakes DOES NOT cater to allergies. 

    Macarons contain ALMOND MEAL.

    Entire product contains wheat, eggs and dairy.


    Please note that Savvy is closed on Sundays and collections are not permitted.

    • Care Instructions

      Keep cool! 

      Best kept in air conditoning or short term refrigeration. 


      Travel with box flat in car - footwell or boot is best where nothing can fall on it.